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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lighten up!!...It's Penne a la Vodka!!

"What's so great about making penne a la vodka?", you ask yourself. What if I told you that this particular dish had no cream or butter in it? What if I told you the calories are cut down to 300? Interested?! I thought so!!! Now that I think about it, I realize there's also no vodka in this dish. haha. Seriously, you'll never miss it. This version is so tasty I don't think I'll make it any other way again. You'll replace all the fattening ingredients with Greek yogurt. Yes, you heard me correctly. I know to some this may sound gross, but think about it. Greek yogurt is healthy for you, and it's really only replacing all the "creaminess" without the fat. See where I'm going with this? Be sure to serve it over whole wheat pasta. I also serve my cauliflower cheesy garlic bread with this meal. That recipe will follow in my next post. ;-) Stay tuned.  Without further delay, I present to you, No Cream, No Cry Penne a la Vodka (ish) ;-)

**Cook's Note: Even though the recipe doesn't call for this, I use 0% Greek yogurt to really lighten up the calories. But that's just me. I only eat 0% Greek yogurt, so that happened to be what I had on hand.
Also, all my herbs were fresh. There's just something I love about fresh herbs vs. dried herbs sometimes. I always use both, but again, I happened to have all fresh herbs this time around. It really hit the flavors out of the park. Just FYI.**  ;-)

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